How to Host a Safe Holiday Celebration For Friends and Family by Leslie Campos

Photo by Pexels


With numbers of positive COVID-19 cases on the rise all over the world, the pandemic has all but ensured that December holidays like Hanukkah and Christmas will be celebrated quite differently this year. But different doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


For most, especially parents, it just means thinking creatively about how we host a holiday celebration. What should you consider as you plan a holiday over Zoom? And how can you move your indoor traditions outside where it is safer? These are some questions many people are asking, so we’ve compiled a few suggestions to help you sort it out.


Outside Gatherings


Many people are choosing to move their holiday celebrations outside. While some climates are more conducive to this than others, there are many ways to set up a cozy outdoor holiday party that follows the CDC’s recommendations for safety.


Fire Pits


Setting up fire pits in your backyard can provide warmth and cheer for your friends and family coming to celebrate the holiday. While most people think of fire pits as costly constructions, but the fact is, you can create a fire pit in as little as a day and on a budget. Methods include using a tin drum, building a fire in a grate drum, or creating a stone ring — just be sure the stones are dry!

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